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Tuly Michailides

Creative Director, Principal Planner

I’m Theodora April Love Michailides … Can you understand why my friends call me Tuly? (It’s pronounced “TOO-lee”).

I’m the president, creative director and lead event planner for Extraordinary Life Events LLC.

I launched Extraordinary Life Events in August 2015 after working 20+ years with private and corporate clients as the principal designer and project manager of Living Art Landscape Designs. I have always loved the creative process and helping other people’s visions come to life.

Born and raised in California, I’m proud to be a product of the Bay Area’s melting pot of diversity. I come from a family full of entrepreneurs and artists. My parents also gave me a wandering spirit and a love for travel from very early age.

So when I developed the concept for Extraordinary Life Events - a full-service event planning service - it was only natural to expand it to include unique destination weddings, full-service wedding planning and travel services. Because of my own travels and my globally-extended family,  I’ve found and befriended seasoned professionals in the countries and regions in which I specialize. And if you’ve got somewhere else in mind, I love building new bridges in your special location.

I am honored to have an opportunity to use my expertise in the collaborative planning process to guide you through your wedding planning journey. I will always bring my exceptional leadership skills, calm demeanor, sense of humor, creativity and attention to detail to every event.

My favorite wedding events (from engagement parties to receptions) are those that delight and surprise guests with carefully curated details, revealing snippets of our couple’s love story, little insights into their characters and cultural traditions.

When I am not deep in the creative mode curating one of our current events, I find joy in:

·        spending one-on-one time with friends and family

·        quiet moments by the sea and in the mountains

·        traveling and experiencing new cultures

·        checking out what’s new in fashion, art and music

·        giving back to our community

·        the sound of laughter