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Full-Service Wedding Planning for Brides, Grooms and Families Who Live an Extraordinary Life

Our Full-Service Wedding Planning is for:

  • Two people who want a wedding that celebrates their individuality but also creates a unique event that is theirs together. Couples who want a personalized, immersive experience that is multi-dimensional and excites all of the senses for themselves and their family and friends.
  • Partners who want to start their new live together with more than a wedding ceremony and reception, but instead want to create a memorable and unique series of events or destination wedding experience for themselves, their family and guests.
  • Anyone with a wedding, reception, rehearsal dinner, bachelor / bachelorette party or other wedding-related activities to plan and wants something extraordinary, but doesn’t have the time for the incredible amount of work, detailed planning and many tasks that will be involved.
  • Destination weddings whether it’s only a few hours from home or if your entire wedding party and guests are traveling far and wide.
  • Someone who has plenty of real-world experience, a thriving business or powerful career, and has a practical understanding of their available free time.

We love non-traditional weddings (read about our five favorite non-traditional weddings here, offbeat weddings, destination weddings and unique wedding venues. We love to plan weddings that are experiential and involve multi-day events from bachelorette parties to rehearsal dinners to full destination wedding itineraries. We’ll find local musicians, a professional master of ceremonies, dancers or other performers you want to be part of your event .

Making Life More Extraordinary


Visions of Extraordinary Weddings

As full-service wedding planners, we incorporate all the little details that reveal your unique style and your personality together as a couple. These photo galleries will reflect that approach from panoramic ceremony images to beautiful close-ups of details that individually might be missed but together create the full gestalt that evokes emotion and creates a memorable experience. We also thank and cherish our clients who have sent us such heartfelt notes and gifts of appreciation, which you can see in the Love Letters to Us gallery.

Love Letters to Us

Fully Involved or Low-Stress: How We Work with You

Our wedding planners and wedding coordinators especially love it when both partners are involved. No one partner is left out on the day of the wedding, during the rehearsal dinner or during any of the other days that are involved in the multi-day experience that many weddings have become. Grooms should also feel like royalty when they marry their queen! They are important too and we make sure they get plenty of their own special treatment. We think that both people who are getting married - whether bride and groom, bride and bride, or groom and groom - should be equally consulted in the planning (if they want) and are equally treated as the princes and princesses that they are for the day.

If you’re the mother or father of the bride, mother or father of the groom, maid of honor or best man and you’ve been put in charge of the wedding, reception or bachelor or bachelorette party, congratulations! You’ve been handed a lot of responsibility. Instead, let Extraordinary Life Events handle all the details and make sure your vision comes to life.

More than anything, we love to work with people who just want to be the happy, relaxed bride or groom. Let us make that happen for you!

Extraordinary Weddings by ELE was created for you:

  • The adventurous spirit who is willing to try new things.
  • Someone who loves a challenge and the element of surprise.
  • An authentic, gracious and kind soul who wants to spend time with and treasures their friends and loved ones.
  • Someone who enjoys travel, great cuisine, live entertainment and good design.
  • A bride or groom who wants to celebrate their individuality while at the same time combining cultures, heritages or families with in their new partnership

Let us take the stress out of your wedding planning. We’re passionate about about cutting-edge, fashionable and experiential events so we’ll keep calm and smiling no matter what happens!

We rely on our team’s skills, work ethic, and mutual respect to bring you a team of professionals who are joyful and professional. We’ll make even the most complex logistics seem effortless. Our travel planning division works seamlessly with our wedding planners to help you whether you just have friends and family coming in from out of town or whether you are planning a destination wedding experience.

Every Wedding Should Be Uniquely About You …

Every wedding is unique, just like the individuals and like the unique relationship that they are creating. We’ve been privileged to work with extraordinary people and their wonderful events. Here are a few of the unique themes and how we created them.